Monitoring & Evaluation

HPF supports the Ministry of Health (MoH) to implement and manage its national health management information system (HMIS), the District Health Information System (DHIS) and works to increase the number of facilities reporting through DHIS and to improve the quality and timeliness of the data.

HPF collates information from several health management information systems (HMIS) and analyses them to provide feedback to all implementing partners and HPF internal programmes. These systems include the DHIS, pharmaceutical e-reports, quarterly IP technical reports, the Data Quality Supervision Checklist, HRIS and others.

HPF supports MoH in data generation including through continued rollout of tools, data collection and training and also supports MoH in data compilation, data analysis and synthesis and data communication.

Under HPF 2, M&E will continue to emphasise high quality reporting while putting additional emphasis on generating strategic information to inform the project’s direction and provide better value for money.

M&E and reporting in HPF2 hinges on the following principles:

  • Alignment and harmonisation with the national M&E system
  • Close integration with HPF2 work plan, including management and technical monitoring
  • Results based program management and value for money
  • Generating strategic information
  • Extending reach through strategic partnerships with government, donors, NGOs, third parties
  • Continuous innovation for simplicity and compliance (completeness, accuracy and consistency) by implementers

Transforming the lives of millions of people in South Sudan

HPF aims to lay the foundations for the MoH provide quality healthcare for its own people in a future free from dependency on foreign aid.

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