HPF leadership

HPF is led by a team of dedicated professionals with extensive experience in …. The following key managerial and technical staff members can be contacted by email.

Mick Robson OBE
Olivia Kirkpatrick
Martin Mpaketeni
Tony Hay
Dr Campbell Katito
Sonja Nieuwenhuis
Susan Ayen
Denis Agini
Jessica Brandit
Richard Ocak
Ramadan James
Emmanuel Moju Andrea
Taban Wodorison
Amin Gordiano Okwahi
Justin Geno
Godfrey Mawadri
Pamela Jendia
Celina Kiden
Natalina Warderlif
Mick Covell
Brian Bloor
Matt Johnstone
Sean Prince
Esther Tonui
Catherine Mumbi

Mihai Constantin

Head of Operations
Project Manager
Finance Director
Security & Operations Manager
Health Systems Strengthening Manager
Health Service Delivery Manager
Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
Contracts & Grants Manager
Contracts & Grants Manager
Field Operations Manager
Field Project Coordinator – Imatong and Namorunyang
Field Project Coordinator – Twic, Gogrial and Tonj
Field Project Coordinator – Lol and Wau
Field Project Coordinator – Aweil and Aweil East
Field Project Coordinator – Gok, Western Lakes and Eastern Lakes
Field Project Coordinator – Ruweng, Northern Liech and Southern Liech
Field Project Coordinator – Terekeka, Jubek and Yei River
Field Project Coordinator – Gbudwe, Maridi and Amadi
Field Project Coordinator – Western Bar- El-Gazal State
Supply Chain Manager
Distribution Manager
Customs Clearance and Data Manager
Warehouse and Inventory Manager
Executive Assistant
Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist

Warehouse Manager

Transforming the lives of millions of people in South Sudan

HPF aims to lay the foundations for the MoH provide quality healthcare for its own people in a future free from dependency on foreign aid.

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